Zuma Creates Samurai Inspired Cocktails

If you’re looking for the ultimate spot to entertain clients and colleagues in Hong Kong, Zuma Hong Kong has developed a series of new cocktails that pay homage to Japan’s famed samurais. Created by bar development manager Arkadiusz Rybak, the Bushido cocktail menu takes its name from the collective term for the codes of honour and ideals that the Samurai lived by and celebrates the lives of four male and three female samurais. Each drink presents a twist on a classic cocktail with distinctly Japanese flavours, as well as some rather unexpected ones.

Winner of Bartender of the Year 2016, Arkadiusz is a master of creating off-the-wall concepts and this new menu is no different, with each cocktail carefully crafted around bushido legends and the narrative flavour and smell can induce. In addition, Zuma has sourced unique handmade ceramic ware by three Japanese potters – Takeshi Nakamoto, Hideaki Numano and Makoto Oki – to complete the experience. Each cocktail is served in a beautiful vessel specifically picked to enhance the flavour and narrative of the drink.

Amongst the seven new cocktails is the Honda Negroni, which has been created in honour of the famed samurai Honda Tadakatsu, a feared general said to have never been wounded in battle, and praised by none other than Oda Nobunaga, as ‘a true samurai, both inside and out.’ Made with a unique mix of Tanqueray gin, umeshu, Campari, Mancino Rosso, shiso and clay, this stand out cocktail is served in a red clay pot cup.

Zuma Bushido Cocktails - Hangaku Martini

Taking advantage of white truffle season, Arkadiusz’s Futaba Gin Fizz is a creamy libation that salutes the life of Futaba Yamakawa. The delicate combination of Tanqueray, yuzu, Hokkaido soft cheese, cream, coconut, truffle egg white and soda water is served in a specially created tall white ceramic cup. The elegant presentation and powerful flavours complement the legacy of Yamakawa, a female samurai who fought against the Meiji restoration that successfully sought to abolish the samurai class, but survived the aftermath and went on to be a major force in improving education for women and girls in Japan.

The Takeda Margarita, a citrusy mix of Don Julio Blanco, burned Japanese egg plant, yuzu sake, yuzu juice and yuzukosho, celebrates Takeda Shingen, known as the most feared general to emerge from the Sengoku era. Shingen was one of few men to decisively defeat Oda Nobunaga and his troops, who were on course to conquer large areas of Japan. www.zumarestaurant.com




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