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Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums has released its Mediterranean Neroli fragrance for men, the eighth addition to the coveted Essenze Collection. In the tradition of the original fine fragrances of the collection, the Mediterranean Neroli scent is an expression of one signature raw material with its own unique provenance. Discerningly sourced, brilliantly composed, like the finest tailored designs, this unique scent transports the scenes to the cool warmth of the Mediterranean, making it an ideal addition to any carry on luggage. Straight from the bitter orange tree, the Mediterranean Neroli fragrance encompasses the purest form of the crisp petitgrain and the aromatic orange flower. Inspired by the refreshingly cooling waters of the Mediterranean, this new fragrance incorporates the exclusive Zegna bergamot at its core, in keeping with the highly sought-after scents of the Essenze Collection.

Mediterranean Neroli fragrance opens with the magnificently refreshing zest of Petitgrain Bigarade that is harvested in Italy from bitter orange trees. Sundrenched Zegna bergamot, sourced from an exclusive crop, imparts a citrus sparkle along with lemon, while spearmint and ginger create a stimulating, minty spice. At the heart is the distintinctly masculine, invigorating woodiness of Cypress. It is expertly placed beside neroli for a touch of softness. Aromatic freshness grows from lavendin and rosemary, with jasmine added for greater depth and textural smoothness. All of this is further faceted with rhubarb for a sharp, modern edge.

The common thread that unites all scents of the Essenze Collection is the distinctive pairing with exclusively-grown Zegna bergamot from Calabria, Italy. The house of Ermenegildo Zegna has sourced the bergamot crop from a single field planted and harvested for the dedicated purpose of creating fragrances for this coveted collection. Each fragrance in the Essenze Collection – Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, Javanese Patchouli, Indonesian Oud, Florentine Iris, Haitian Vetiver, Peruvian Ambrette and now Mediterranean Neroli – is housed in a modern glass bottle that features a custom label with a corresponding colored border that reflects the key notes in each scent.

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