Five Essential Jet Lag Cures

We all love international travel but jet lag is often the uninvited guest that spoils the party. Tackle sleepiness, insomnia, and a growing addiction to early-morning infomercials with these body-loving jet lag cures.

There’s nothing greater than travelling the globe, catching up with mates and discovering new places…and people. But that travel can come with its own hang-ups and one of them is jet lag. Your finely tuned internal clock goes through hell as you jet through time zones, leading to everything from insomnia and drowsiness to depressions. However, savvy scientists have come up with a raft of supplements and cures that can help alleviate jet lag and get your biorhythms in sync.

Sprayology TravelEase

A homoeopathic remedy for jetlag, Sprayology TravelEase boasts a unique blend of natural ingredients designed to fight the rigours of air travel. The oral spray is powered by eight active ingredients, including Indian berry, St. Mary’s thistle, poison-nut and passionflower, all of which come together to alleviate symptoms like tiredness, dehydration, feelings of disorientation and sleeplessness. Packaged in a sleek, airport security-friendly 40ml bottle, simply apply two spritzes under the tongue at takeoff, and every two hours while in the air.

The Organic Pharmacy’s Jet Lag Pills

A favourite of travelling celebritiesThe Organic Pharmacy’s Jet Lag Pills offers another natural solution to time-zone zombification, with arnica, a natural anti-inflammatory, as its main ingredient. The addition of cocculus, a Southeast Asian climbing plant, helps keep oddly-timed hunger pangs at bay while improving alertness and motor skills.


A travel must-have for New Zealand’s international rugby team and jetset billionaire Richard Branson, No-Jet-Lag is a homeopathic remedy that’s designed to alleviate the physical stress and fatigue that occurs with disruptions to the body’s circadian rhythm. The tablets’ main active ingredient is arnica, but they also contain other natural ingredients like daisy, wild chamomile, ipecac and clubmoss. Each pack of No-Jet-Lag contains 32 tablets – enough for 50 hours of flying – and can easily be thrown into your carry on. Simply take one at take-off and landing – and one every two to four hours while flying – and you’ll land at your destination ready to go. Best of all, there are no known side effects.

1 Above Jet Lag Cure

Developed in New Zealand, 1Above combines six essential electrolytes and six crucial B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12) to help keep you hydrated, support circulation and the immune system, and beat the effects of jetlag. The key active ingredient is Pycnogenol, a natural bark extract that reduces the length of jetlag by up to 53 percent; 1Above also contains other supportive ingredients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Available as effervescent tablets in packs of ten or a 100ml concentrate, the best part of 1Above is that you can throw it into your carry on and breeze through airport security.

TeaLeaves Jet Lag Therapy

Sometimes you can fix everything with a nice cup of tea, especially when you’re brewing a bag of TeaLeaves Jet Lag Therapy. This handy two-pack kit includes one AM Energy tea bag packed with the likes of ginseng, yerba mate, and ginkgo biloba; and a PM blend with chamomile, lavender, valerian and other nighty-night ingredients.

This story originally ran on Alpha Men Asia.

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