Consider These Business Travel Essentials Before You Take Off

Preparing to travel for business again? A little research and a little foresight can turn that next journey into a truly enjoyable experience. Here are some essentials to consider.

There are a lot of things for business travellers to consider when it comes to trying to improve the quality of their business trips and achieve the right outcome. Being able to travel for business is an exciting opportunity, but it can also bring a lot of stress and chaos to your life if you’re not prepared. It’s important that business travellers – especially those new to corporate travel – make the most of these opportunities by planning ahead.

These are 5 of the best things you need to consider when it comes to improving and making your business trip as positive and productive as possible.

Pack Light, Pack Right

Ever watched Up in the Air, as George Clooney swoops through airports with just a carry-on suitcase? In order to be efficient and timely on that next business trip, it’s important that you’re not carting around more luggage than you absolutely have to, and that begins with the packing phase, before you depart and during your trip. As Clooney points out to Anna Kendrick, the difference between checking in luggage and not checking in luggage – at the rate that he travelled – was an entire week of waiting at the baggage carousel. Travelling light allows for quicker airport runs, easier transport options, and less likelihood of leaving things behind. There are plenty of things business travelers forget to pack, and you need to ensure you make the right choices here.

Understand Why You’re There and What You’re Doing

You have to assess why you are traveling abroad and what you need to consider when you are on your business trip. Doing your research beforehand means you can be more effective on the ground, not just in terms of logistics, but in terms of your actual reason for leaving home and travelling abroad in the first place. For instance, buying and selling property is a common reason why someone might travel for work. Accessing a resale portal and finding out what is available before you jet off is a good start, and will provide you with some great options you can check out when you visit, leaving you more time to explore or the chance to get home earlier.

Choose the Best Airline for You

Choosing the best airline is also a really important factor when it comes to business travel, for many reasons. There is routing to take into account, loyalty membership, service considerations, and of course price, and knowing what really stands one airline apart from another takes some research. Be sure you know what you’re booking before you click “payment” as airline products vary greatly. Take a close look at layover times – there’s no point in saving a few dollars only to end up spending the better part of a day in a transit airport, and look at where you might be visiting frequently and how you can make those miles work for you.

Have Some Downtime

You also need to make sure you allocate some downtime to take the edge off your business trip, and this is something many new business travellers forget about. Look at your schedule and research your destination so your trip isn’t all work and no play. Check out restaurants that might appeal, or museums you’d like to visit. If anything, check out the facilities at the hotel and pack accordingly – there’s nothing like a peaceful swim after a day at the boardroom table.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy when travelling can sometimes prove to be a challenge – you’re not always in control of your schedule, your diet, even your timezone. Fortunately, wellness is an increasingly important consideration for business travellers. Make sure you eat right, try to get some exercise by packing those swim shorts or running shoes, and ensure you get enough sleep so you can battle jet lag and a busy schedule. Staying healthy as much as possible when travelling for business is definitely something you need to keep an eye on if you hope to be efficient and come home having enjoyed your trip.

Business travel can sometimes be exciting and sometimes a chore, but a little research, a little forethought, and some good intentions can make all the difference.

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