A Wireless Charger for the Future

Biscuit, a new wireless charging device that’s currently in crowdfunding, hopes to offer business travellers a portable and sustainable alternative. 

Designed to counter the discard culture of phone accessories, the Biscuit is an upgradable, repairable wireless charger encased in yttrium stabilised zirconia ceramic which not only makes it durable for travel but also futureproof.

Designed and manufactured with the same unbreakable components that win us over at the phone shop, including Zirconia, otherwise known as zirconium dioxide, an extraordinarily hard material used in aerospace and industrial processing, Biscuit is also fully – and easily – repairable. It was developed without the use of adhesives in the assembly because adhesives either don’t age well or they make it difficult to reassemble components neatly.

Instead, Biscuit uses a novel anchoring method to plug the silicone parts to the body, so that the entire assembly can be taken apart in less than 30 seconds.

It’s inevitable that over time the Qi standard will increase in capacity and the company has designed the wireless charger so that old cores can easily be replaced with new predecessors. Should for any reason future technology require more space for components, the device has been designed with additional space allocation above the circuit board.

Biscuit, a new wireless charging device that's currently in crowdfunding, hopes to offer business travellers a portable and sustainable alternative. 

Most electronic devices are built to be disposed of. Companies build this into their business model to ensure recurring revenue. Cheap materials, tightly integrated parts and adhesive assembly make many products nearly impossible to repair. Biscuit has been designed to be repairable and upgradeable to stay aligned with the latest charging technology.

Biscuit is also the smallest Qi charger in the world with a concealed terminal. Its unique stacked design allows it to be super compact – making it ideal for work trips – and it fits devices like phones, Apple Watches and Air Pods perfectly

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